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Online Course To Explore Mic Techniques

Boston, MA (March 2, 2012)— is debuting a new course, “Microphone Techniques,” this spring.

Andy Edelstein Boston, MA (March 2, 2012)— is debuting a new course, “Microphone Techniques,” this spring.

Beginning April 2nd, the course will present a general strategy for a recording session based upon a desired production style, and will teach how to execute a moderately complex recording session with multiple simultaneous performers.

“The study of microphone techniques is really an incremental process of learning successive levels of techniques that build upon each other,” says Berklee instructor and course author Andy Edelstein. “The course is primarily focused on microphone techniques in the process of recording. We start by talking about the theory behind how microphones work, and how they are designed. From there, we build up the knowledge of core study of microphone techniques, from simple to more complex scenarios. By the end of the course, you’ll see all of the techniques we discuss put into action in a real recording session.”

Throughout the course, students will learn about the various elements of the recording chain, detailed technical characteristics of different microphone types, selecting appropriate microphone models based upon an instrument’s sound and the desired outcome, proper handling and setup, close and distant microphone placements for a wide variety of musical instruments, effectively utilizing the recording environment, and managing the demands of complex recording sessions with multiple participants.

Berkleemusic’s Spring Term begins April 2nd, 2012.