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Onyx 2.0 Now Available

Jasmine Music Technology and NTONYX announced that Onyx 2.0, a sequencer/arranger, is now available.

Jasmine Music Technology and NTONYX announced that Onyx 2.0, asequencer/arranger, is now available.

Onyx 2.0 operates not only with notes, but also with musical objects(harmony type, performance manner, instruments, meter, etc.). Thesefeatures can be adjusted in a wide range of parameters; for example,musical objects can be morphed together. Onyx creates musical objects(named OOStyles: Onyx Orchestrator Styles) from ready MIDI files orrecorded fragments. This allows the user to create a song from two tothree slices.

Onyx Musical Object Morphing (MOM) technology is able to make anysong sound in the manner of another song’s style by changing theharmony, tune, performing manner, rhythm and meter.

Other features include: bank/patch selection, volume and panenvelopes drawing, record/play/loop functions, MIDI FXs, multiport MIDIoutput, factory and user presets, additional views and much more.Minimum system requirements include 500MHz processor,Windows-compatible sound card, 128MB RAM, 30MB hard disk space andsupports Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP.

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