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Otari DR-100 Digital Audio Disk Recorder

Otari’s new DR-100 48-track digital audio hard disk recorder features 48-track recording at 24-bit, 44.1/48kHz sampling

Otari’s new DR-100 48-track digital audio hard disk recorderfeatures 48-track recording at 24-bit, 44.1/48kHz sampling, and24-track at 24-bit, 88.2/96kHz, direct to a superhigh-performance15,000 rpm 72GB SCSI hard drive. In addition, there are 208 virtualtracks that can be used for each project, with five editing layers,totaling 256 tracks including 48 nominal tracks.

The DR-100 features industry-standard MADI digital audiointerfacing, and a dedicated 48-track direct-access remote control thatclosely models the look and feel of a traditional multitrack remote,yet allows instant access to the advanced features of the product andis connected to the audio recording engine via a standard 100Base/TEthernet network.

The DR-100 also features an advanced graphical interface foreasy-to-use recording and editing, with cut, copy, paste, move, deleteand other features easily accessed at the touch of a button.

For backup purposes, the DR-100 can be connected to any SCSI storagedevice for full project backup/restore functionality. Unlike manynonlinear recording systems that rely on a conventional general-purposedesktop computer, the Otari DR-100 is based around a custom-designedrack-mounting recording engine that was developed specially for thatpurpose. Again, unlike many recording systems that rely on the Windowsoperating system, the DR-100 processor runs the Unix-like Linuxoperating system, offering reliability, efficiency and the ability towork around the clock under the pressures of a professional recordingenvironment.

The DR-100’s advanced recording features include repeatrecording, time advance recording and auto level-detect recording,while play features include +/- 12.5% varispeed, repeat play andreverse play. Further, the DR-100 implements timecode chase at allstandard SMPTE and EBU/PAL frame rates for both linear and verticalinterval timecode formats.

The CB-179 remote controller features 48-track input/repro(disk)/mute/solo monitoring and arming control and a two-line by20-character LCD for the system’s menu options. Dedicated editfunction keys are provided, along with two timer displays for cuelocation and editing, plus 100 locate points with five direct keys andfive macro keys to help automate complex operations. An optional48-track LED bargraph meter bridge is available.

The provided hard drive offers up to 170 minutes of multitrackrecording time, and the system will sync to internal clock or tostandard external Word Cock and video. Serial and MIDI interfaces areprovided, along with 68-pin Ultra 160 SCSI and Ethernet LAN. Therecording engine is standard 19-inch rack-mount, 3U high.

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