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Pacifique Recording Installs Second SSL Console

Pacifique Recording Studios (North Hollywood) has installed its second 96-channel Solid State Logic XL 9000 K Series SuperAnalogue console in Studio East.

Pacifique Recording Studios (North Hollywood) has installed itssecond 96-channel Solid State Logic XL 9000 K Series SuperAnalogueconsole in Studio East. The second XL, as specified by owners Joe, Kenand Vic Deranteriasian, will address the overwhelming demand for XLstudio time created by the initial XL installation in Pacifique’sStudio West.

“The power of the XL, the sound quality, the automation and surroundsound capabilities have really turned everyone on their ears to thepoint where we felt compelled to put in the second one,” said KenDeranteriasian. “Pacifique prides itself on having all of the latestand greatest technology available to our clients. We have invested inremodeling both of our control rooms and our lounges.”

Producer/engineer Dexter Simmons has recently used Pacifique’soriginal XL, along with Brad Gilderman, DJ Quick and Jean-MarieHorvat.

“Our clients love every aspect of the console,” stated Ken. “Theyfeel that the sound is more open, the EQs are more powerful, thecomputer offers incredible speed and the automated panning facilities,even for stereo mixes, are excellent.”

According to Joe Deranteriasian, “Leading mixers recognize thesignificance of working on a large-format console because it gives themmore power and enhances their creativity. Other platforms, likecomputer-based mixers, can only imitate the essence of mixing on alarge console. For our clients, the mixing experience cannot beduplicated on anything less than an XL, and that is why we bought oursecond one.”

“The internal surround sound mixing capabilities are a big plus,”Vic explained. “As surround mixing becomes the norm, the XL gives uscapacity to address this market. Also, we worked closely with SSLengineers to integrate our 50-inch plasma display and the Pro Toolscomputer to be able to switch Pro Tools, the DK audio scope and the SSLcomputer seamlessly throughout the studio. This capability allows us toquickly view different aspects of a session and still remain focused onthe music.”

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