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PAMA Holds Inaugural Meeting

Eighteen senior professional audio industry executives gathered in Orlando, Fla. on June 5 for the inaugural meeting of the Professional Audio Manufacturers

Eighteen senior professional audio industry executives gathered inOrlando, Fla. on June 5 for the inaugural meeting of the ProfessionalAudio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA). Among the highlights of themeeting were the nomination of the organization1s first board ofdirectors and the launch of its opening initiatives to developindustry-based sales and marketing intelligence.

According to PAMA executive director Paul Gallo. “This gathering ofcharter PAMA members marks the first time that a group of seniorexecutives in our industry have gathered for a formal meeting toconstructively discuss growing their businesses and the industry as awhole.”

The first board of directors includes Davis Merrey, Altec Lansing;Jack Kelly, Group One; Mark Terry, Harman Pro Group; John Carey, KlotzDigital; Mike McGinn, Shure; Mathias von Heydekampf, Telex; and SteveGarth, Steinberg North America. The membership also established a taskforce comprised of PAMA microphone manufacturer members to develop,through a third-party research firm, a sales tracking program for themicrophone marketplace. Finally, the membership created a Board-membertask force to develop the official by-laws and charter for theorganization. The next full-membership meeting will take place prior tothe 115th AES Convention in New York City in October.

Companies interested in learning more about PAMA and its mission cancontact Paul Gallo at 212/696.1799 or by e-mail at [email protected].

In other news, Gallo was appointed managing director of the Societyof Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS). According to theorganization, Gallo’s appointment is the beginning of a re-engineeringof the organization designed to ensure its ability to deliverpractical, relevant business information on studio ownership,management and operations.  Gallo will be joining Larry Lipman,who will continue as executive director.

“The board is unanimous that Paul and Larry will provide an idealblend of member relations expertise, industry knowledge and executivemanagement,” said David Amlen, SPARS president. “Also, as part of ourre-engineering effort, we plan to add regional coordinators in areas ofthe country where our concentration of members is highest. SPARS willcontinue to focus its energies on providing solid business informationto its membership: a group of skilled entrepreneurs who all share acommon passion and a special camaraderie.”

“No one would deny that the music recording industry, like manyother industries, has seen dramatic change in the last few years,” saidGallo. “We are in a transitional period in which, driven by changingclient desires and equipment needs, existing business models must bealtered. There will be a successful commercial recording business inthe future, and it will be SPARS members who will lead the industry asit reinvents itself.  Music recording is an art form capturedwithin the finest facilities operated by the most talented and skillfulprofessionals. Redefining this new value proposition while drawingfrom the strengths of today’s many successful studio operators is thechallenge I will assume at SPARS and is an opportunity I welcome.”