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Paradoxx Upgrades with Horus

John Sweeney's Paradoxx Sound has upgraded to Merging Technologies' Horus converters.

Palmdale, CA (June 6, 2013)—John Sweeney’s Paradoxx Sound has upgraded to Merging Technologies’ Horus converters.

Having tried just about every recorder on the way to changing to Merging’s Pyramix, Sweeney also went through a number of A/D and D/A converters at Paradoxx Sound, which is in Palmdale, CA. But when looking to change his focus and his business model, Sweeney installed a SmartAV Tango console, which allowed mixing “in the box” with Pyramix MassCore. But now the limiting factor was the converters, so he upgraded to Horus, which not only had all the I/O needed, but could also handle any sampling rate from 44.1 kHz to DXD or DSD.

According to Sweeney, “The great thing about Horus is that it doesn’t sound at all. I am used to my old converters being transparent but Horus is just more open and this is borne out by the measurements, which are sensational. The really brilliant part is that Horus does it all. I can do my recordings or I can connect my reverb units or analog inserts at the same time as my plug-ins and I still have I/O to spare. I have had enough experience of Merging Technologies to say that the biggest thing for me is if Merging make it, it will be great.”

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