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Peter Gabriel


Peter’s infectious enthusiasm for making music is nourished by his great imagination, endless experimentation and his involvement with many different types of music. Through his deep engagement with the technologies of making and distributing music, he has contributed many valuable insights to equipment designers over the years, as well as investing directly in enterprises such as Syco Systems, OD2, SSL, Exabre and We7.

His vision of what a recording environment could be was realized at Real World Studios. Artists who have been lucky enough to record there have enjoyed the innovative approach to acoustics and air conditioning, the massive Big Room, the intimate Work Room, Peter’s leafy Writing Room and the uniquely supportive atmosphere.

His influence extends beyond the music industry, and his involvement with WITNESS (he was co-founder) and more recently THE ELDERS are two of the more high-profile examples of his extraordinary contribution.
Antony David, managing director, Solid State Logic

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