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Phil Ramone


Phil Ramone has always been known for his great production and engineering ability. He’s also famous for designing one of the best studios in New York, and possibly the world, A&R Recording studios. He’s been a teacher and a mentor to countless young engineers, including myself. Phil has always been on the cutting edge with new technology; always the first to give something new a chance. Countless manufacturers came to Phil to beta test their products. I can still remember Ray Dolby bringing in his original 301 noise-reduction unit for Phil to try. He was the first to try satellite technology to link studios around the world and record master vocals.

Illustration: Rob Kelly

With at least 50 million records sold as a producer, he proved that engineers could be more than geeks. In the ’60s, he wore apple seeds around his neck and owned a pretty good baseball team. To this day, he is still my mentor and teacher.
Elliot Scheiner, producer/engineer

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