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Philip Tallman Picks Design FX at Todd-AO for ‘The Notebook’

Independent music editor Philip Tallman chose Los Angeles–based Design FX Systems to provide him with the complete Pro Tools system he is using on Todd-AO Radford's Stage S for post-production on The Notebook.

Independent music editor Philip Tallman chose LosAngeles–based Design FX Systems to provide him with the completePro Tools system he is using on Todd-AO Radford’s Stage S forpost-production on The Notebook. Tallman worked closely withcomposer Aaron Zigman in preparation for post-production withre-recording mixers Jon Taylor and Brad Sherman. The film is slated forrelease in spring 2004.

Pictured (L-R) at the digital workstation on Stage S at Todd-AORadford are re-recording mixer Jon Taylor, DFX systems manager JeffreyWelch, music editor Philip Tallman, DFX systems technician TriniAlvarez and re-recording mixer Brad Sherman. Photo: David Goggin

“I am actually running everything except for video off my FireWiredrives,” explained Tallman. “This is a first for me, because I havepreviously always put the material on removable drives, but FireWire isat the point now that I trust it completely.” Design FX provided24-tracks of Pro Tools, a Mac G4, Cinema Display and a Mackie mixer forthe project. “I’m running the entire show off of a 200GB drive with an8MB buffer, including the mix downs of all the cues, source materialand anything I might need from the temp material.

“I’ve worked with Design FX for several years now and what they giveme is pure peace of mind,” Tallman continued. “There is never aquestion about the equipment: It’s on time, it works properly and onthe rare occasion where I have a technical question, it’s a phone callaway and the response is lightning-quick. When you’re working on thestage with the director, the composer and the mixers, there is no roomfor error and I can concentrate completely on the creative work withoutany technical worries. In this business, they don’t pay you to try,they pay you to deliver.”

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