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Picture Head Enjoys Big Sky

Farmingdale, NY (October 1, 2010)--Hollywood post house Picture Head's recently completed mix room/sound stage features a new Big Blue 5.1 monitoring system.

Farmingdale, NY (October 1, 2010)–Hollywood post house Picture Head’s recently completed mix room/sound stage features a new Big Blue 5.1 monitoring system.

The studio, Sound 7, was built-out under the guidance of Mark Herscovitz, PH’s director of sound. Herscovitz enlisted audio design consultant Charles Pell of Cobalt Blue Technology, along with Colin Ritchie of the Los Angeles-based full-service production design house, Aarmadillo, to specify and facilitate the purchase of much of the room’s audio and video equipment. Sound 7’s technology centers around an Avid 32-channel Icon D-Control, flanked by a JVC DLA-RS10 HD projection system, a Stewart Filmscreen 10-ft. perforated screen, and a Blue Sky Big Blue 5.1 monitoring system comprised of three SAT 12 mains in the front wall, a SUB 15 Universal and four in-wall I/ON surround speakers along the sides.

“Sound 7 was to designed be our premier studio for the creation and showcasing of our movie advertising projects,” explained Herscovitz, a 17-year audio post pro who helped build PH from the ground up. “One of the things we specialize in is movie advertising, which encompasses anything to do with selling a movie; from 30-second TV spots, trailers, radio, internet pieces, EPKs, and other promotional materials. Additionally, we’ve recently gotten into TV shows and documentary and feature films.”

Herscovitz comments, “One of the things that is important to me is to have a speaker system that’s easy on the ears. I work crazy hours, and these speakers are very forgiving in that regard; they’re not fatiguing. I’m definitely able to go all day on them and not have the typical ear fatigue that I get with a lot of other speakers. The Blue Sky’s sound great and don’t fatigue; what more could you want?”

Blue Sky