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Pilot Recording Studios

59 West 19th Street New York, NY 10011 212-255-5544

Pilot Recording Studios
59 West 19th Street
New York, NY 10011

Tel.: 212-255-5544

Email: [email protected]

Pilot Recording Studios provides the ultimate in tracking and mixingenvironments. Featuring an acoustically exceptional live room with highceilings, isolation booths and an unsurpassed room ambience, Pilot hasearned a reputation for outstanding drum sounds and basic tracks. Aspacious studio located in the heart of Manhattan’s Chelseaneighborhood, Pilot offers exclusive lockout sessions, extreme privacyand a comfortable lounge with numerous client amenities.

Founded by owner, producer/engineer Will Schillinger in 1992, Pilotwas designed by Frank Comentale, with additional design by WilburSystems Limited. Pilot Recording Studios takes its name fromSchillinger’s love of flying, a passion second only to audio andrecording. The kind of precision, attention to detail and reliabilitythat are critical to aviation are amply evident in Pilot’s carefullyconsidered design and its high standards of maintenance. Some recentclients include Junior Brown, Marshall Crenshaw, Marc Cohn, KennyBaron, Chico Hamilton, Sean Lennon, David Garza, Tricky, Joey Ramone,Patty Scialfa and the Lemonheads.

The tracking room has been the site of sessions ranging frommajor-label music projects to multimedia work to extensive film scoringand more. The spacious 24/48-track control room features a Neve V-3console with Uptown/P&G Flying Fader automation, Studer A827 analog24-track machines, Studer 1/2-inch decks and a Pro-Tools MixPlus/24-bit system. The monitoring system incorporates the new TannoyDMT 15 MkII speakers, powered by Perreaux 9000B amplifiers, as well asan assortment of Hot House-powered near-field speakers.

Pilot offers an extensive microphone collection of over 150 models,including vintage matched pairs with and without tubes and a variety ofribbon mics, including dozens of RCAs. The outboard list is lengthy,including many Class-A mic pre’s, more than 35 limiters, acollection of new and vintage effects, and a variety of high-end tubeequalizers. The facility is also home to a large variety of vintageinstruments, including a rare Yamaha C-7 Grand Piano, Hammond B-3 withLeslie, Clavinet, Wurlitzer electric piano, Estey pump organ, twoHarmoniums, toy pianos, over 30 acoustic and electric guitars, manyguitar and bass amps, and a wide selection of drums (including over 35snares).

In addition to Studio A, Pilot also offers a Pro Tools editingsuite, which has been used for many applications, from film scoring anddigital editing to CD mastering. Equipment includes a Mackie 32 and afull complement of MIDI gear and software. Pilot takes pride in itsmastering work and accommodates many formats, including audioproduction for multimedia.

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