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Pinewood & Shepperton Studios Upgrades AMS Neve DFC

Pinewood & Shepperton Studios are upgrading the 56-fader, two-position AMS Neve DFC in theater 1 to a 68-fader, three-position console. The upgrade will

Pinewood & Shepperton Studios are upgrading the 56-fader,two-position AMS Neve DFC in theater 1 to a 68-fader, three-positionconsole. The upgrade will also include additional processing to addmore power to the console.

Expansion of the DFC puts the studios on par with the major filmfacilities in the United States and is one of three DFC facilities inEurope.

Head of post-production at Pinewood & Shepperton Studios, GrahamHartstone, stated, “The original installation allowed forexpansion. This is the second time we have upgraded the console sinceits purchase in 2001. On both occasions, we have been very impressed byhow simple the process has been. We have significantly increased thenumber of channels, and the expansion of the console surface has provedequally as straightforward.”

Pinewood Shepperton continues to attract the world’s mosttalented film mixers including John Heywood, Gary Summers and RandyThom, and projects such as Die Another Day, Tomb Raider 2:Lara Croft, Cradle of Life, Blackball, Cody BanksII and Jonny English. Upcoming projects includeThunderbirds, Phantom of the Opera and Harry PotterII.

For more information on the console, visit AMS Neve at more information about Pinewood & Shepperton Studios, visit