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Platinum Hit’s Pro Audio

Bravo's "Platinum Hit," which premiered on May 30 makes ample use of Harman pro audio gear, including AKG mics.

New York (June 2, 2011)–Bravo’s Platinum Hit, which premiered on May 30 makes ample use of Harman pro audio gear, including AKG mics.

The TV talent show features a variety of AKG microphones for contestants to utilize while writing, recording and performing original works for weekly challenges, working towards the final goal of a $100,000 cash prize, a publishing deal with Sony and BMI Songwriter’s The Writing Camp and a recording deal with RCZ/Jive.

Platinum Hit includes a cast of 12 musicians, singer/songwriter and host Jewel and head judge Kara Dioguardi–a hit songwriter with 150 million albums sold–plus recording and live performance spaces.

AKG’s full list of equipment includes microphones: 16 P3S, 16 D5, two C 414 XLS, two C 214, a C 12 VR, C 451B/ST and a Drum SET II and Drum SET BIG II; wireless systems: DSR 700, DHT 700 and WMS 450; headphones: 18 pairs of Quincy Jones Q701s, 12 K 240 and four Quincy Jones Q350s; with additional equipment including table and floor stands, booms and tripods.

Produced by True Entertainment, Platinum Hit also utilizes a Soundcraft LX7 32 mixer, five MFXi 8/2 mixers and a Notepad 102, along with a dozen JBL EON 510 loudspeakers, four 515s and two 518S subs during production.

“The bar was set very high as the show came together and we knew the depth of the processes throughout the season would require a system that could handle the stress of a show that relies entirely on sound,” stated technical music advisor Walter Earl, an industry professional who toured with Black Sabbath for more than 20 years, and has worked with Jessica Simpson, Siouxsie (Banshees/The Creatures), Bill Ward, Duff McKagan, the Chambers Brothers, and The Butterfly Effect.