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Play-It Productions Acquires DIGI-ROM

Underscoring the continuing expansion of her CD/DVD replication cassette/VHS duplication and graphic design facility, Play-It Productions' principal Tony Tyler

Underscoring the continuing expansion of her CD/DVD replicationcassette/VHS duplication and graphic design facility, Play-ItProductions’ principal Tony Tyler announced the acquisition ofDIGI-ROM, a leading full-service, New York City-based CD/DVD productioncompany.

Pictured in the new Play-It Productions mastering suite are HarryHirsch  (left) and company principal Tony Tyler

“Both our companies entered the optical media field in 1993, andeach has grown exponentially over the past 10 years,” Tyler said. “Lastfall, DIGI-ROM founder Harry Hirsch contacted me about a project and weestablished an immediate rapport. My acquisition proposal was motivatedby conversations about our long-term goals. I had been exploringoptions for growing my business, and acquiring this well-establishedsynergistic company presented a perfect solution.”

Under the terms of the agreement, the DIGI-ROM staff and its fullcomplement of audio mastering and replication, CD-ROM programming, DVDauthoring and related interactive design technology will move to therecently expanded Play-It Productions complex at 259 West 30th St. inManhattan.  Hirsch, a veteran studio owner/designer,recording/mastering engineer and former NARAS New York Chapter VP andnational trustee, has been named Play-It Productions’ VP of technicalservices, where he will be involved in all aspects of production,post-production and client services.

In a related announcement, Play-It Productions is introducing anewly designed and built 5.1-ready mastering, digital editing andarchival restoration suite, including overdub/voice-over and booth. Thestudio is equipped with Pro Tools, a SADiE 24/96 DAW, a Cedar Systemand a wealth of digital and analog gear. “This studio is an importantstep in our plan to provide our clients with complete pre- andpost-production services in a single comfortable and convenientenvironment,” Tyler said.

“From our earliest conversations, Tony Tyler and I found we had verymuch in common,” Hirsch remarked. “While both our companies maturedalong similar lines, we had virtually no cross-over client conflicts.Augmenting the Play-It staff with the DIGI-ROM team and bringing ourduplication and multimedia technology online in this handsome newfacility provides our clients with many economic and logisticaladvantages. These include faster turnaround, the elimination ofredundancy in virtually all departments and, perhaps most importantly,enhanced personal service. Tony Tyler is a highly motivated andenergetic business woman,” Hirsch said. “Her client skills andtechnical savvy enabled her to build a very successful business, and Iam delighted to be working with her.”

Tyler sees a growing market for Play-It Productions. In addition totraditional independent artists and record labels, she (like DIGI-ROM)has been serving a growing roster of corporate, automotive,pharmaceutical, government, educational and advertising agency clients.”We are confident that duplication and production needs for CD, CD-R,DVD and other established and emerging formats will continue to grow,”she said. “By providing our clients with a complete menu of recording,mixing, mastering, interactive design, DVD authoring [with videocompression], digital editing, archival restoration, graphic design andreplication capabilities, we can meet all their needs for efficient andcost-effective production. We will continue to enhance our serviceswith meaningful new technology as it develops,” Tyler concluded. “Thatis another reason we are pleased that Harry Hirsch will play a dailyrole in the company. His experience is an invaluable asset.”

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