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PMC Upgrades BB5 Monitor Series, XB3 Sub

PMC has upgraded its flagship BB5 Series monitor series and XB3 sub with a new version of its 15-inch radial driver.

PMC has upgraded its flagship BB5 Series monitor series and XB3 subwith a new version of its 15-inch radial driver.

Rear venting of the magnet now complements the cooling effects ofthe radial fins, while power compression effects are furtherameliorated by the circulation of air throughout the core via aperturesat the rear of the magnet assembly. Improved venting provides forreductions in overall distortion and greater linearity. Theconstruction of the driver has been improved with a new alloycasting.

In other company news, Gosh! Studios in Vienna has upgraded itsStudio A monitoring by installing PMC BB5 monitors and Bryston 7Bmonobloc amplification, which were supplied by PMC Austrian distributorAviTech.

“We heard the product in another studio and were very impressed andexcited by them,” said studio co-owner Stephan Kolber (pictured);Harald Sulzbacher is the other co-owner. “We subsequently tested themalongside almost all the currently available main monitoring systems inStudio A and came to the conclusion that the PMC system was the bestone for our usage.”

Founded in 1996, Gosh! relocated to new spacious facilities in 2001,with three production/control rooms, including Studio A, the45-square-meter main mix room, tied to a 60-square-meter live recordingroom. The studio services commercial clients and provides in-housewriting and production facilities for Gosh!’s own commercials and musicproduction company. Recording media and production platforms includeStuder analog multitrack, Pro Tools 24, MOTU, Digital Performer andDigidesign systems.

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