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PMI Ltd Among First in UK to Invest in Midas Verona

Following the launch of the new 8–bus Verona console from Midas at the recent Daytime TP Event

Following the launch of the new 8–bus Verona console fromMidas at the recent Daytime TP Event, one of the very first purchaserswas Surrey-based rental company, PMI Ltd., which bought the board fromLMC Ltd.

Owner Peter Maciuk (pictured) commented, “A significant partof our business is corporate, and the Verona is tailored to meet ourneeds in this market. It plugs the gap between the Venice, whichalthough a great console, often proved to be too small to handle a mid–sized conference, and the Heritage, which is often physicallytoo big. The Verona, however, remains a compact console while stillhaving eight sub groups, eight auxes and an 8×4 matrix. The market hasbeen crying out for a new desk like this, and the fact that it is Midasmakes it instantly synonymous with the quality required fortoday’s corporate market. The Verona is set to be a massivesuccess for Midas.’’

UK sales manager for Midas and Klark Teknik, Richard Ferriday, said,“We’ve had a great response to the Verona from the outset,and Peter is not alone in his reaction. From our point of view,we’re delighted to have a solution to offer our customers in amarket where we had not been present until now. It expands horizons forall concerned.”

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