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PostWorks Finishes Lenny Kravitz DVD

Editor Barney Miller recently finished up work on the DVD documentary about artist Lenny Kravitz (Lenny Live) at Post Works New York. "We were happy to

Editor Barney Miller recently finished up work on the DVDdocumentary about artist Lenny Kravitz (Lenny Live) at PostWorks New York.

“We were happy to get the chance to work with both Barney and Mark[Seliger, photographer and music video director] again,” said PostWorks COO Billy Baldwin. “They had a great deal of footage to work withand it made perfect sense for them to use our Avid Symphony systems, aswell as our staff. We were willing to do whatever it took to make thisproject a success.”

Miller is the founder of New York’s Company X Media and has workedwith Seliger on previous music video projects for Elvis Costello,Willie Nelson and Kravitz. He said that the project began with a smalltest back in July of 2002, when Seliger began shooting Kravitz onstageand off during his recent summer tour.

“We cut the backstage footage on a laptop with Avid DV Xpress,” saidMiller. “Lenny even helped edit some of the DV footage from a coffeeshop around the corner from his hotel. From 300 hours, we cut it downto about four. We then created select reels and made DV tapes, which wetransferred to Digibeta in order to blend it as closely as possiblewith the live concert footage. One of the concerts used just onecamera, while the other two used four and six cameras. It was likeblending 11 cameras into one seamless look. We used two laptops for thebackstage stuff, but cut the live concert footage on the Avid MediaComposer.”

“The team at Post Works are always great to work with,” Miller said.”They are technically proficient and impeccably equipped for a job suchas this one. It only made sense to finish the project on their Symphonysystems, given that we used Avid products for the rest of the project.I was able to take the footage, conform and tweak it, and then performtape-to-tape corrections at Post Works. I could just send the MediaComposer bins over, and they made all the necessary changes to theuncompressed version on their Symphony.”

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