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Power Plus Back in Action

San Diego, Calif.-based Power Plus Sound & Lighting Inc. (PPSL) returns to the production services business after a five-year hiatus.

San Diego, Calif.-based Power Plus Sound & Lighting Inc. (PPSL)returns to the production services business after a five-yearhiatus.

Reopening its doors at the start of this year, PPSLalready boasts a serious inventory of pro audio products, includingfive large-format Soundcraft consoles: two pairs of Series FIVE houseand monitor desks, and a new dual-mode MH4.

Power Plus president and owner Lane Rickard said that his decisionto make a substantial investment in Soundcraft was an easy one. “I’vebeen buying Soundcraft consoles since the late ’80s and have atremendous confidence in the product, particularly the Series FIVEs.Since January, I’ve employed the front-of-house and monitor desks onnational acts, symphonies, large corporate clients and major leaguesporting events, all with a flawless track record.”

PPSL recently put a FIVE monitor in front of Jim Staniforth, PaulAnka’s monitor engineer. “It was his first time on the desk,” Rickardsaid, “and although we had a whole rack of outboard EQs for him, henever touched them. He only used the parametrics on the board and couldhardly believe the control he had!”

Shown: Lane Rickard with one of his new Series FIVEs on the SanDiego stop of the Rockin’ Roadhouse Tour, featuring Mark Chesnutt, JoeDiffie and Tracy Lawrence.

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