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Pratt & Whitney Hung Up on L-Acoustics

According to Brad Snow, president of SR company/dealer Snow Sound in Berlin, Conn., "Before Pratt &Whitney [East Hartford, Conn.] had turned one of its

According to Brad Snow, president of SR company/dealer Snow Sound inBerlin, Conn., “Before Pratt &Whitney [East Hartford, Conn.] hadturned one of its hangars into a museum, we had brought in anL-Acoustics dV-DOSC system to provide speech reinforcement and musicalplayback for an event. Although the room was a very hostile acousticalenvironment, the system worked extremely well and the client, who hadpreviously heard a number of other systems in there, was veryimpressed.”

At Pratt & Whitney’s request, Snow Sound hired local systemsintegrator North American Theatrix to install a total of eight dV-DOSCcabinets within the hangar; essentially, a single giant space that canbe configured in a variety of ways. Under the direction of NAT projectmanager Jeff Carlson, the cabinets were flown in two hangs of four oneither side of a permanent stage at one end of the room that is usedfor meetings, presentations and other functions on a regular basis.

After the new system had been installed, Snow Sound came back in toconfirm that the cabinets were properly aimed. “That was actually kindof fun,” Snow recalled. “I was able to double-check the ARRAY programby literally making laser marks on the floor, marking them off with apiece of tape and then measuring them off. Everything was exactly wherethe software said it would be. It was very cool.”

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