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PreSonus Announces New Street Price for FIREstation

PreSonus Audio Electronics Inc. announces that its FIREstation™ interface is now available for $499 for a limited time.

PreSonus Audio Electronics Inc. announces that itsFIREstation™ interface is now available for $499 for a limitedtime. The FireWire-compatible unit features eight channels ofbalanced/unbalanced analog and ADAT I/O, as well as S/PDIF and MIDII/O.

Jim Odom, president of PreSonus Audio, said, “The FIREstationwas already a very popular interface to begin with, but when you lookat everything this unit can offer, along with the power and flexibilitythat it gives the end-user, it becomes a really easy decision whenpurchasing an interface.”

With the FIREstation, a user can plug in microphones, instrumentsand external preamps into the analog inputs while monitoring them inreal time with zero latency. Also, any mLAN-compatible keyboard such asthe Yamaha Motif or Korg Triton Studio can be seamlessly patched intothe FireWire ports of the FIREstation to send audio and MIDIinformation to the computer.

The FIREstation can also be used independently in Stand-Alone mode,where all eight channels of analog inputs are directly routed to theFIREstation’s ADAT Lightpipe outputs. Similarly, all of theFIREstation’s ADAT Lightpipe inputs are routed to the analogoutputs and line mixer. In this mode, FIREstation can be used as an8-channel AD/DA converter.

For users of Macintosh OS X.2.5 and higher, the operating systemcomes equipped with FIREstation drivers already installed in the AudioMIDI Setup menu, so there is no need for installation. Currently,FIREstation is approved for use on OS X with Cubase SX, Nuendo 2.0,Deck, Peak and Logic software; new approved software will be added.

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