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PreSonus Eureka™

This Class-A transformer-coupled mic preamp offers a versatile new channel strip device that features variable impedance and a saturation knob for tube-saturation emulation.

This Class-A transformer-coupled mic preamp offers a versatile newchannel strip device that features variable impedance and a saturationknob for tube-saturation emulation.

The Eureka sports a full-featured compressor with variablethreshold, attack, release and gain makeup. It offers a soft-kneecompression mode and a highpass filter on the sidechain forfrequency-dependent compression, which is useful for de-essing andother frequency-specific compression applications.

The Eureka, complete with an audio transformer on the input stage,offers a fully parametric 3-band EQ with overlapping bands andswitchable staging for the EQ and compressor, allowing the user to swapthe order of the EQ and compression.

The Eureka has instrument, line and microphone inputs, as well asswitchable gain reduction for the VU meter, dual outputs (TRS and XLR)that can be used simultaneously, and an optional digital output cardcapable of up to 24-bit 96khz output on AES/EBU or S/PDIF. In addition,the unit has a 48-volt phantom power unit with an 80Hz rumble filter, a–20dB pad, a Phase Inversion button, and balanced send and returnjacks to insert outboard gear.

In other company news, its MaxRack™ is now shipping. A desktopspace solution, which houses up to six 1/3-rack PreSonus PersonalRecording Series units, the new rack, can store new PreSonus units suchas the TubePRE™, EQ3B™, COMP16™ and HP4™.

The MaxRack is designed to sit on the desktop next to theuser’s computer monitor. The heavy-duty rack not only houses sixunits, but also ships with a six-input powerstrip that accommodates allsix individual power supplies and powers all of them from one single ACplug (available in 110-volt U.S. and 220V European only).

The new HP4 comes in a 1/3-rackspace chassis, similar to theTubePRE, and fits snugly into the MaxRack. The HP4 acceptsbalanced/unbalanced inputs (stereo or mono) and outputs (1/4-inch TRS),with the Mono Selector button on the front channel copying both inputsto both sides. The unit features four discrete headphone outputs, eachwith its own volume potentiometer and 250 mW of amplification perchannel, on the front panel. The HP4 has a -98dB noise floor and a widefrequency response. Also, the unit allows control over control roommonitors with a separate volume potentiometer that can be muted usingthe Monitor Mute button, and is powered by an external wall-mountedpower supply.

PreSonus’ COMP16 compressor/limiter features many of thepresets contained in its BlueMax™, but offers 16 preset, variableinput and output compression curves that include vocal, percussion,fretted, keyboard, limit and effect. The front panel boasts a large,blue, backlit VU meter that can either be used to monitor output levelor gain reduction, and there is also a Bypass button to compare theprocessed and nonprocessed signals. Other features include -98dB noisefloor, +24dBu headroom, balanced I/O and a wide frequency response. Theback of the unit houses balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (1/40inch TRS)inputs and outputs. The COMP16 is powered by an external wall-mountedpower supply.

The EQ3B offers three bands of fully parametric equalization witheach band offering adjustable frequency range, Q and cut/boost control.The faceplate also hosts a Bypass button and 80Hz roll-off. Otherfeatured specifications include -98dB noise floor, +24dBu headroom,balanced I/O and a wide frequency response. The back of the unit housesbalanced (XLR) and unbalanced (1/4-inch TRS) inputs and outputs. TheEQ3B is powered by an external wall-mounted power supply.

The TubePRE™ is a single-channel preamp based on a 12AX7vacuum tube circuit that provides a stable, transformer-free signalpath. The unit can be used as the first stage of a live or studiosystem, as a direct box or in a side effects chain. The dual-servogain-stage design does not use capacitors, providing ultralow-noiseperformance and wide dynamic control that allows it to boost thedesirable signal without increasing unwanted background noise. TheTubePRE™ offers a frequency range of 10-80k Hz, a noise floor of94 dBu and a signal-to-noise ratio of greater than 9 0dB. UnweightedTHD + Noise is typically 0.05% with no Tube Drive used and up to 10%with 20 dB of Tube Drive.

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