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HISTERIA MUSIC SCORES TV WORK Music and audio post-production company Histeria Music has two new ongoing projects: The facility will handle ADR for the...


Game Composer Winifred Phillips

If composition terms like “horizontal resequencing” or “vertical layering” aren’t familiar, that’s understandable. They’re not necessarily film-composing terms, but they are part of a...


Nathan East

Since the early 1980s, Nathan East has been a go-to session bassist for Quincy Jones, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Stevie Wonder, Daft Punk and...


Ty Segall

There’s an entertaining video online la­beled, “Watch Ty Segall and Steve Albi­ni randomly smash a toilet into pieces.” Turns out, it was not so...


Keegan Dewitt

Keegan DeWitt, the 34-year-old indie rock musician, also com­poses music for HBO’s Divorce and the upcoming Fox comedy Making History. Handling multiple scoring gigs...


Wild Beasts, ‘Boy King’

For its fifth album, Boy King, British group Wild Beasts decamped to Dallas, Texas, to producer and multi-instrumentalist John Congleton’s Elmwood Recording studio. Recording...

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