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Sampha’s 100% Humidity

Sampha Sisay’s collaborations with Kanye West, Drake, Frank Ocean and Solange, to name just a few, have had the 27-year-old soulful singer/songwriter traveling far...



HISTERIA MUSIC SCORES TV WORK Music and audio post-production company Histeria Music has two new ongoing projects: The facility will handle ADR for the...


Game Composer Winifred Phillips

If composition terms like “horizontal resequencing” or “vertical layering” aren’t familiar, that’s understandable. They’re not necessarily film-composing terms, but they are part of a...


Nathan East

Since the early 1980s, Nathan East has been a go-to session bassist for Quincy Jones, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Stevie Wonder, Daft Punk and...


Ty Segall

There’s an entertaining video online la­beled, “Watch Ty Segall and Steve Albi­ni randomly smash a toilet into pieces.” Turns out, it was not so...


Keegan Dewitt

Keegan DeWitt, the 34-year-old indie rock musician, also com­poses music for HBO’s Divorce and the upcoming Fox comedy Making History. Handling multiple scoring gigs...

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