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Purchase Wins Shure Recording Prize

Shure Incorporated has announced this year's grand prize winner of the ninth annual Fantastic Scholastic Recording Competition.

(Seated l-r) Joe Yonkers, Brendan Williams, Pat Linehan (standing l-r) Peter Denenberg (Chair of Studio Production and Studio Composition Departments), Trevor Fedele, Josh Pleeter, Silas Brown (Professor of Studio Production and Faculty Advisor)
Niles, IL (May 16, 2013)Shure Incorporated has announced this year’s grand prize winner of the ninth annual Fantastic Scholastic Recording Competition.

The five-student team from Purchase College of Trevor Fedele, Patrick Linehan, Joshua Pleeter, Brendan Williams, and Joseph Yonkers, with faculty advisor, Professor Silas Brown, won this year’s contest with an original composition by Sean McVerry and Coyote Campus entitled “Soviet Union.”

“This year’s competition featured a very diverse mix of programs, including a few newcomers in addition to several programs that have competed and won before,” said Dave Mendez, market development specialist for Shure. “I felt like all of the entries were very well done, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that this year’s competition resulted in one of the tightest, closest ever. We appreciate all of the talent and hard work done by the students, and also the time and effort of our judges.”

The judges for this year’s competition were Carlos Alvarez, Steve Churchyard, Billy Perez, Mark Rubel and Zoe Thrall. They evaluated each of the recordings based on their overall fidelity, clarity, and sonic balance as well as creativity in selection and placement of microphones.

Each of the ten student teams worked on a recording project that consisted of tracking and mixing a performance, exclusively using a “microphone locker” provided by Shure for the competition. Teams submitted an unmastered stereo mix for review by a panel of industry professionals who were invited to judge the competition.

“The team had an incredible time working on this recording,” said Silas Brown, faculty advisor for the winning team from Purchase College. “It was completely a win-win situation because whether we won or lost the competition, the team was given the opportunity to get to know some amazing mics and other gear…a lot of which we had not used before. As long as we approached it thoughtfully, we knew we were going to learn a lot.”

As the winning school, Purchase College takes ownership of a selection of Shure KSM recording microphones.

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