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QSC Audio ISA-Ti Installed System Amplifier

QSC Audio Products introduced the new ISA-Ti Installed System Amplifier Series

QSC Audio Products introduced the new ISA-Ti Installed SystemAmplifier Series, which incorporates fully isolated transformer outputsand features six models including three low-impedance models (ISA 280,ISA 450, ISA 750) rated for 2-ohm operation, and three “Ti”versions with 25, 70 and 100-volt outputs for distributed audio systems(ISA 300Ti, ISA 500Ti, ISA 800Ti).

As a 70- or 100-volt solution, the ISA-300Ti, ISA-500Ti andISA-800Ti offer 300, 500 and 800 watts of power, respectively. Housedin a rugged 3RU chassis, ISA and ISA-Ti amplifiers feature both XLR anddetachable Euro-style (barrier) connectors for pre-plannedinstallation, independent defeatable clip limiters for reduceddistortion and comprehensive protection circuitry.

The ISA-Ti models can drive 8- or 4-ohm loads and 25, 70 and100-volt distributed systems simultaneously, reducing the number ofamplifier channels needed by allowing a limited number of distributedspeakers to be powered by the same amp that is running the mainsystem.

All ISA models offer rear-panel gain controls for tamper-resistantoperation, with 2dB detents for repeatable settings, as well asQSC’s HD-15 DataPort (Version 2) for DataPort V2-compatiblesignal processing accessories.

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