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QSC Intros, Basis 922az

QSC’s melds the company’s power amplification and loudspeaker products into a single system that allows the user to administer it via a fully integrated graphical user interface.

QSC’s melds the company’s poweramplification and loudspeaker products into a single system that allowsthe user to administer it via a fully integrated graphical userinterface. The new Basis 922az (shown) is the first in a series ofhardware engines designed to operate over an Ethernet network under platform.

The Basis 922az combines three distinct QSC technologies within asingle hardware unit: amplifier and loudspeaker control, monitoring andprotection; configurable DSP; and CobraNet audio transport., multiple Basis 922az units can be networked andcontrolled from a single software interface, along with all of theamplifier/loudspeaker monitoring functions. In addition, multiplenetworked computers can be set up to control and monitor all of theBasis 922az units simultaneously.

The Basis 922az has eight analog line-level inputs and eight QSCDataPort outputs (four stereo channels) designed to connect to QSCDataPort-equipped amplifiers for amplifier/loudspeaker control andmonitoring. The internal 24×24 DSP engine combines these inputs andoutputs with CobraNet channels.

A powerful feature of the Basis 922az is its True Power Limitingcapability. This new technology measures the true power going into thedriver and achieves the maximum performance possible without exceedingthat speaker’s safe operating range. Users of other configurable DSPsystems are familiar with a variable latency that is inherent in theprocessing configuration. QSC’s DSP engine offers a short and fixedprocessing latency through the DSP subsystem. The delay is exactly 417microseconds. When the A/D and D/A converters are figured in, thelatency of a Basis 922az is a negligible 2.355 milliseconds.

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