QSC ModularDesign Series

QSC Audio Products introduced its new ModularDesign Series loudspeakers. Conceived as a family of modular, arrayable, full-range and low-frequency products,

QSC Audio Products introduced its new ModularDesign Seriesloudspeakers. Conceived as a family of modular, arrayable, full-rangeand low-frequency products, the MD Series includes six full-rangemodels available in three coverage patterns with either 12-inch or15-inch low-frequency drivers. Models include the MD-F122/64r,MD-F122/94r, MD-F122/124r, MD-F152/64r, MD-F152/94r and MD-F152/124r.Two low-frequency models with single 15-inch and 18-inch transducersare the MD-L115 and MD-L118, respectively. All these models share thesame 35-inch-tall, 30-degree trapezoidal enclosure.

The ModularDesign loudspeaker models share a common form factor,creating full-range or combined full-range/low-frequency clusters.Because the enclosures are designed with 30-degree angles, tightlypacking them together splays the 60x40 horns perfectly and providesuniform coverage of any multiple of 60 degrees up to 360 degrees. Nogaps or spacers are required, and the radial front grilles form acontiguous cylindrical surface for a clean and aesthetically pleasingappearance.

For more information, visit www.qscaudio.com/products/speakers/modular_design/md_series.htm.For more new sound reinforcement products, visit mixonline.com/live_sound_products/index.htm. Toread Mix's NSCA show report, visit mixonline.com/ar/audio_nsca_show_report/index.htm.