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Radial Engineer Twin-Iso

Radial Engineering’s Twin-Iso is a 2-channel Jensen Transformer–equipped isolation box designed

Radial Engineering’s Twin-Iso is a 2-channel JensenTransformer–equipped isolation box designed specifically for usein concert settings to eliminate noise caused by ground loops.

In concert settings, when interfacing equipment such as two or moreconsoles together, the common-mode noise caused by stray fields anddiffering ground reference voltages will cause hum and buzz, known asground loops. Equipped with the Jensen Audio Transformers, the RadialTwin-Iso features two +4dB line-level floating channels with XLR inputand output connectors for easy interfacing. Nickel-laminated JensenJT-11P1 isolation transformers and insulated XLRs provide 100-percentisolation. Jensens do not introduce problems such as phase shift orgroup delay, which can cause bass to sound muddy and indistinct.

As a unity-gain device, the Radial Twin-Iso boasts a 10Hz to 40kHzresponse for natural, uncolored sound. To allow long cable runs withminimal loading, the Twin-Iso features balanced, 10k-ohm inputimpedance.

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