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Rane C4 Quad Compressor/Limiter

Rounding out Rane's series of analog-controlled digital products for live sound applications, the C4 offers four feature-packed channels

Rounding out Rane’s series of analog-controlled digital products forlive sound applications, the C4 offers four feature-packed channels ofcompression and limiting in a 2U package. Internal and externalsidechain options offer a fully adjustable parametric EQ forfrequency-dependent compression or de-essing. The oversampled brickwalllimiter determines the maximum output level and operates independentlyof the compressor. Adjacent channels link in a master/slave arrangementto ensure accurate tracking of stereo inputs. Meters show sidechainlevel relative to threshold, gain reduction and complete dynamicrange.

Features include independent compressor/de-esser and limiter perchannel; relative threshold de-essing remains calibrated at anygain/level; external sidechain with balanced/unbalanced TRS input;sidechain includes a fully parametric filter and compress, de-ess andlisten modes; independent below threshold, gain reduction and limiterheadroom metering; stereo link; all inputs and outputs areauto-balanced/unbalanced, XLR and TRS I/O; and an included universalinternal power supply.

The C4 ($999) begins shipping Q1 of 2004.

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