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Rane G4, MM 42, DEQ 60L

Rane’s full-featured, high-performance G4 quad gate offers gating, ducking and downward-expansion modes

Rane’s full-featured, high-performance G4 quad gate offersgating, ducking and downward-expansion modes, as well as internal high-and low-cut filters and external sidechain inputs.

Features include: look-ahead gating; all inputs and outputs use XLRor TRS connectors in auto-balanced or unbalanced operation; balanced,external sidechain (key) input for each channel; sidechain processingflexibility; internal/external mode; sidechain listen; and adjacentchannel pairs can be linked for stereo operation.

The G4 has a suggested retail price of $999, and begins shipping inDecember 2003.

Connecting in line between a mixing console and a wired or wirelessmonitor system, the MM 42 processes a single stereo mix or twoindependent mono mixes using shelf/cut filters, 3-band compressor,5-band parametric EQ and 3-band peak limiter.

An assignable sub (low-frequency) output with adjustable bandpassfilter is included for direct connection to powered subwoofers or bass“shakers” without requiring an external crossover. Theonboard headphone amp (1/4-inch and 1/8-inch jacks) and Cue Busfunctionality permit easy setup and monitoring of multiple mixes.

Other features include: line-level cue outputs to feed sparetransmitter or return to monitor console; direct outputs allowdistribution of common mixes to multiple devices, requiring fewer auxsends on console; Neutrik 1/4-inch-to-XLR combo jacks connect to allconsole aux/group output types; and device control and firmware updatesvia MIDI.

The MM 42 has a suggested retail price of $999, and begins shippingin October 2003.

The DEQ 60L Stereo 1/3-octave digital graphic equalizer is thelong-throw (45mm) fader version of Rane’s 1/3-octave graphicequalizer (model DEQ 60) introduced earlier this year.

The digital signal path uses advanced DSP algorithms allow havingthe output magnitude response correspond exactly to the front-panelsettings, true WYSIWYG. The new patented technology“Perfect-Q” allows DSP to calculate the perfect Q requiredto create the exact response dictated by the front-panel sliderpositions.

Crucial, subtle refinements of frequency response are possible forthe first time, allowing for an unequaled ease of operation and clarityof sound reproduction. Changing a 1/3-octave setting changes only thatsetting.

In addition to the 30-band EQ with slider controls and soft-touchknobs, the DEQ 60L features each channel with full-cut AcceleratedSlope™ 3-band tone controls, separate sweepable low-cut andhigh-cut filters, individual input and output level controls with LEDmeters for each, range switches and bypass switches (fail-safe relay).The DEQ 60L also allows the user to slave one channel to the other, useas an A-curve/B-curve comparison or as two “analogmemories.” The new “L” version features a newcut-only mode. Analog balanced inputs and outputs offer connectorchoices of XLR, 1/4-inch TRS or Euro-style 3-pin connectors. The powersupply is internal and universal with a standard IEC line cordconnector.

The suggested retail price of the DEQ 60L is $1,099, and will beginshipping November 2003.

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