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Rane MM 42 Personal Monitor Processor

Connecting in-line between a mixing console and a wired or wireless monitor system, the Rane MM 42 processes

Connecting in-line between a mixing console and a wired or wirelessmonitor system, the Rane MM 42 processes a single stereo mix or twoindependent mono mixes using shelf/cut filters, 3-band compressor,5-band parametric EQ and 3-band peak limiter.

An assignable sub (low-frequency) output with adjustable bandpassfilter is included for direct connection to powered subwoofers or bass“shakers” without requiring an external crossover. Theonboard headphone amp (1/4-inch and 1/8-inch jacks) and Cue Busfunctionality permit easy setup and monitoring of multiple mixes.

Other features include line-level cue outputs for feeding sparetransmitter or return to monitor console; direct outputs allowdistribution of common mixes to multiple devices, requiring fewer auxsends on console; Neutrik 1/4-inch-to-XLR combo jacks connect to allconsole aux/group output types; and device control and firmware updatesvia MIDI.

The MM 42 has a suggested retail price of $999.

For more information, visit or stop by booth #6958, HallA. For more new sound reinforcement products, visit