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Rapco AVI-100

Rapco International announced the new AVI-100 Audio/Video Interface at Winter NAMM 2004.

Rapco International announced the new AVI-100 Audio/Video Interfaceat Winter NAMM 2004.

“The AVI-100 takes any high-impedance consumer-gradeequipment, such as a camcorder audio out, electric guitar, keyboard orhome audio hi-fi, and converts it to a professionally balancedlow-impedance signal or mic level,” commented Pam Walters,product specialist engineer at Rapco International. “Because theAVI-100 has such a variety of inputs, the musician has several optionsto work with to achieve the best sound possible, whether they are usingit in their home or in a theater or stadium.”

The AVI-100 is a state-of-the-art A/V interface that can be used innumerous settings. Musicians can use it for home studio applicationswhere they need to transfer the music to tape or other recordingdevices. They can also use it in a capacity similar to a direct box,which has the ability to accept 1/4-inch, 3.5mm or RCA connector with apad switch built into it.

Features of the AVI-100 Audio/Video Interface include use with audioor video recorders, classroom smart boards, projectors, portable, phonographs, tape players, CD players, etc.; rugged 18-gaugesteel construction; recessed connectors for added durability; mic andline-level outputs (3-pin male XLR and 1/4-inch jack); high/low pad(-20 to +4 dBv); speaker/line attenuator; ground lift switch for noisereduction; and impedance-matching transformer (6:1 ratio).

The AVI-100 Audio-Video Interface will be available for a suggestedretail price of $89.95.

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