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Ray Kurzweil To Show “Ramona” At N.Y. Music and Internet Expo

Raymond Kurzweil will come out and play in New York City for the 2001 New York Music and Internet Expo at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, April 21.

Raymond Kurzweil, visionary, inventor and author, will present his female alter-ego, Ramona, at N.Y. Music and Internet Expo, April 21, at Madison Square Garden.

Demonstrating the concepts of virtual reality and avatar technology, Ramona is a virtual rock musician whose voice and movements are provided by Kurzweil and transformed in real time using motion capture, advanced computer graphics and audio processing systems. She exists as an avatar where advanced conversational software and other technologies allow her to converse with Web visitors with life-like, real-time facial animation.

“Ramona is more than a technology demo or a novelty,” Kurzweil said. “While she has a burgeoning career as a celebrity performer, Ramona is not limited to the stage and recordings. She also will have an ongoing role as virtual hostess of Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence Network, a Web showcase for the ideas of leading visionaries and breakthrough Web technologies.”

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