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AES Recording Events You’ve Got To See

Here's just a few of the interesting recording education offerings available today at the AES Convention.

As the 145th AES Convention gets underway, where better to begin than a master class on the first component in most recording signal chains, “Can You Hear the Specs?” (Rm 1E21, 10:45 am). Representatives from DPA Microphones, Schoeps Mikrofone and Josephson Engineering will demystify mic specifications and demonstrate how they relate to the perceived sound.

Dan Mortensen of Seattle’s Dansound Inc. will take a deep dive into the “Life and Death of the 30th Street Studio” (Rm 1E08, 2:30 pm), detailing the history of the former Presbyterian church that became Columbia Records’ legendary Manhattan recording studio in 1948, and the long list of artists, from Glenn Gould to Miles Davis, who famously recorded there until its sale in 1981 and subsequent demolition.

Jim Anderson of the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University will define the undefinable during “The WoW Factor” (Rm 1E06 [Immersive/PMC Rm], 4:15 pm), a presentation that traces the path along which the recording industry has led listeners from monaural through stereophonic to immersive sound.

Proving that he is much more than “lukewarm water,” Derek Smalls (Harry Shearer), former bass player of the band formerly known as Spinal Tap, will dig into his solo album, Smalls Change (Meditations Upon Ageing), with producer, mixer and co-songwriter CJ Vanston (Rms 1E15+16 SE, 4:45 pm). The album features multiple superstar guest musicians and a full orchestra.

A panel of podcast producers and engineers will deconstruct clips and discuss the production process from story inception through sound design to editing and mixing during Podcast Production” (Rm 1E21, 5 pm), moderated by Terri Winston of the Women’s Audio Mission in San Francisco.