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reFX Debuts Vanguard Virtual Analog Synthesizer

VST manufacturer reFX announced the launch of its latest virtual analog synthezisers, Vanguard.

VST manufacturer reFX announced the launch of its latest virtualanalog synthezisers, Vanguard.

Developed and created by reFX founder Michael Kleps, Vanguardrepresents years of investment in knowledge and experience, givingusers a warm and rich sounding synthesizer plug-in with all thebenefits of modern digital technology.

Equipped with 31 different types of oscillators, including rarelyfound digital oscillators with new modulation options, Vanguard alsoincludes 13 filter types with different slopes and includes a new kindof combined dual-filter variations.

Along with a delay and reverb, Vanguard features the Trancegate andArpeggiator tools; Trancegate is a 16-step gate that allows users tocreate rhythmic gated patterns while the Arpgeggiator featuresinspiring patterns and several play modes.

Competitively priced at $89.99, and is available as a VST plug-infor PC and Mac (OS9 and OSX).

Owners of the discontinued JunoX2 synthesizer will also receive the(function reduced) Vanguard Lite loyalty version free of charge, andwill be able to upgrade to Vanguard for $59.99.

Kleps comments that, “Vanguard is an important addition to thecreative tools any musician, producer, writer or composer can add totheir collection. Its’ versatility and flexibility, coupled with itsground-breaking technologies will, we think, not only make Vanguard adesirable piece to own, but also an essential one”

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