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Reznor Applies Duality To “Dragon”

Trent Reznor upgraded his private studio to an SSL Duality SE midway through mixing his soundtrack for the film "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."

(l-r) Alan Moulder, Trent Reznor
Los Angeles, CA (March 12, 2012)—Trent Reznor upgraded his private studio to an SSL Duality SE midway through mixing his soundtrack for the film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Academy and Grammy Award-winning composer, musician and producer Reznor, founder of Nine Inch Nails, chose the Duality on advice from producer/engineer Alan Moulder while they were mixing the soundtrack for the film. They used the Duality to complete mixing the tracks that Reznor composed with Atticus Ross, as well as the soundtrack’s two cover songs, Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song,” featuring Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Bryan Ferry’s “Is Your Love Strong Enough?” by Reznor and Ross’ side-project, How to Destroy Angels.

“We began the mix for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on an SSL AWS 900, the console we used to mix our music for The Social Network,” says Reznor. “As we started the mix process, I was feeling that I wanted to move to a large format console. While the AWS 900 is a spectacular analogue console—and it made a massive difference to our sound when we switched from using a dedicated ICON controller—the channel count became limiting for the Dragon project. I discussed it with Alan, who has been my friend and engineering wizard since recording Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral in 1994, and we decided to take a chance on Duality midway through the project. The installation went smoothly and the console worked flawlessly from start to finish.”

“Duality is like an AWS on steroids,” adds Moulder. “It has a similar layout, so it was great to take the studio to the next level and not have to re-learn a whole new console. I really love working with the EQs—the ones we all know and love—and having dynamics available on each channel is great. Because you can use two or three people to do a recall on Duality, the reset process was really quick. Duality is perfect for the way we like to work and the sound quality is really impressive.”

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