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Rieker Electronics RAD2 Remote Angle Display

The RAD2 Remote Angle Display with dual sensors, the latest addition to Rieker’s RDI Series of digital inclinometers

The RAD2 Remote Angle Display with dual sensors, the latest additionto Rieker’s RDI Series of digital inclinometers, was specificallydesigned for speaker and speaker array positioning. Thisbattery-powered digital LCD box can be matched with a number of Riekersensors, which can then be used interchangeably with the display box tocoordinate multiple remote speaker locations.

“Our customers in sound system installation or audio/videocontracting typically have a number of speakers that they need to leveland only want one display box to configure the array,” saidsenior engineer Joann Coates. “We can supply the LCD as asingle-line display reading one sensor at a time [RAS] or a dual-linedisplay to measure two sensors at the same time [RAD].” Bothsensor and display box use standard-type audio XLR cord plug connectorsfor connection. In most cases, the sensors are permanently mounted onthe speakers with cables running down to the floor. The cable connectoris then plugged into the display box as needed.

The sensor ranges come in either ±30° (60° totalrange) or ±70° (140° total range). The display can becalibrated to anywhere within the total range of the sensors specified.Skip Gosnell, the marketing director for Rieker, said, “We have anumber of V-DOSC or similar line array installers, for example, who arepurchasing the RAD2 dual-line display with the REL feature beingprogrammed to read top–bottom and selecting the ±70°sensors and having them scaled to read +50° to-90°.”

The REL button (relative zero) allows the operator to temporarilyzero the digital readout to obtain relative angle changes. The Min/Maxfunction provides the smallest and largest angle that the device hassensed since it was last reset. The optional Relative Differencefunction can be programmed to give the difference between the top andbottom sensors.

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