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Rock House, Peavey Electronics Release Instructional DVD

Rock House has teamed with Peavey Electronics Corporation to produce a DVD designed to give the beginner musicians an edge toward learning their instruments.

Rock House has teamed with Peavey Electronics Corporation to producea DVD designed to give the beginner musicians an edge toward learningtheir instruments. Peavey is distributing the DVD through itsauthorized retailers as a stand-alone product and as a value-addedincentive for consumers who purchase a Peavey Stage PackĀ® beginnerkit.

The Total Musician Series DVD will be included inside the Peaveybeginner Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Bass Stage packs, as wellas the mid-level Peavey International* Series II drum kits. The Stagepacks include everything needed to learn these core instruments,including an amplifier, guitar or bass, strap, gig bag, extra strings,electronic tuner and the easy-to-follow instructional Total MusicianSeries DVD from Rock House.

The co-branded, custom-made DVD includes 40 minutes each of beginnerelectric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar and drum instruction using TheRock House Method. The instruction is presented in both English andSpanish, and includes a video chord chart, a special section on how toassemble the Peavey International Series II drum set, a sectionshowcasing Peavey guitars and more.

The DVD will also give Peavey customers free membership to RockHouse’s lesson support site at This feature, exclusive toRock House and its partners, offers students supplementary support forthe lessons featured on the DVD. Once registered at the support site,students can interact with the community, utilize additional learningtools and access special features such as forums, where they can chatwith other students or ask the instructor questions; download ametronome or backing tracks to play along with; and find loads of othercontent to create a fun learning experience. To receive the freemembership, students are directed to to access Rock House’s uniqueregistration system.