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Roger Nichols


Once upon a time, Roger Nichols turned his back on a lucrative career as a nuclear engineer, turning audio knobs instead, and the world’s been a better-sounding place ever since. From his decades of work with Steely Dan, John Denver and other artists, Roger proved his production prowess while stretching the limits of technology. When the available gear couldn’t do the job, he’d invent solutions, such as the 1978 Wendel sampling drum computer or the Rane PaqRat, which transformed a lowly ADAT or DA-88 recorder into a 24-bit mastering deck.

Over the years, tracks Roger engineered (such as Donald Fagen’s The Nightfly) became established as standards for speaker demos in audio showrooms and AES booths — in either case, some pretty tough customers. These days, Roger leads a far more restful existence — running a mastering studio, serving on the board for the Florida chapter of NARAS and developing plug-ins for his Roger Nichols Digital company. Doesn’t this guy ever sleep?

George Petersen, Mix executive editor

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