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Roy Thomas Baker


Before we made our first album, Roy came and saw us in a snowstorm at a gig where there were like 12 people in the audience at this college dance, and he wasn’t bothered by it at all. He was all, “Hello, my dears! How’d you like to come to England and make a record?”

Photo: Jim Steinfeldt

Working with Roy was my first experience recording in a major studio, and I learned so much from him about layering and the big background vocal sound he’s so famous for. The great thing with Roy is, he was so over the top, but he didn’t so much worry about rules or restrictions. His credo was if it sounds good, it’s good, and if the needle was buried but it sounded great, so be it. There’s no halfway with Roy — it’s either off or full-on.

But it was so much damn fun working with him. He was such a great guy and he kept it light, which was really a good thing for a young band.
Elliot Easton, guitarist/singer, The Cars

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