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SADiE Version 5.2 Software

ADiE has announced the release of its new Version 5.2 software for the SADiE Series 5

SADiE has announced the release of its new Version 5.2 software forthe SADiE Series 5 range of digital audio workstations. The new releaseintroduces a number of new features and options, including fullyintegrated support for the new Advanced Authoring Format (AAF)file-interchange standard for multimedia and DV-AVI video support foraudio post sweetening applications. In addition, V. 5.2 includes aNormalize function, a re-introduction of Speech Edit and a range offurther enhancements to Playlist editing.

The Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) is a new multimedia file formatdesigned to allow images, graphics, sound and metadata to be easilyexchanged across different platforms and applications. Video support isnow available on the SADiE Series 5 range in the form of DV-AVI, suchas the playback and recording of video files in the DV-AVI format.Video material may be imported from pre-existing AVI files, recordeddirectly from a DV source via a FireWire interface, or alternativelyrecorded and played back from a composite video source using anoptional interface box. Time-stamped video signals may be played backin a separate window directly onto the SADiE Playlist for“desktop” post applications or played back on an externalhigh-quality video monitor or projector for the production suite.

The Speech Edit function has been reintroduced into SADiE V. 5.2 dueto demand from users. Speech Edit provides an automatic method ofremoving all extraneous parts of a recording, leaving the useful audioarranged into clips ready for immediate use. The Normalize functionanalyzes the amplitude of a selected clip and automatically adjusts thelevel so that the loudest part of the clip reaches maximum peak level.In addition, a number of the enhancements recently introduced intoSADiE’s acclaimed Trim Window function have now been introducedfor general playlist editing, enhancing the speed of operation forevery operator.

SADiE Software V. 5.2 will be supplied on all new SADiE Series 5workstations from mid-October and will also be available for downloadby existing Series 5 owners.

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