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Sample Library Creators Select Millenia Preamp

Leading sample library creators, including Vienna Symphonic Library, Garritan Orchestral Strings, Serafine and others, have selected Millennia HV-3

Leading sample library creators, including Vienna Symphonic Library,Garritan Orchestral Strings, Serafine and others, have selectedMillennia HV-3 microphone preamplifiers (pictured) for criticalapplications.

Jorg Mayr, chief audio engineer for the Vienna Symphonic Library,said, “We are recording the entire Vienna Symphony Library withMillennia HV-3D preamplifiers. Our main concerns are transparency,minimal coloration, the lowest possible noise floor, and absolutereliability because we record 360 days a year. I simply could not findanything better than the HV-3D.”

According to Gary Garritan of Garritan Orchestral Strings,”Millennia Media is the preamp of choice. I own a number of high-endmic preamps and always reach for the HV-3 when recording orchestralsamples. The sound is transparent, pristine and accurate. If I had onlyone preamp to choose, it would be Millennia.”

For percussion, Millennia HV-3 is used as the front end for manysample libraries, including Paiste’s cymbal collection. Havingtoured and recorded with Frank Zappa for more than 10 years,percussionist Ed Mann is both the artist and engineer for the PaisteCymbal Sample Library. According to Mann, “Prior to the MillenniaHV3 mic pre’s, I used my collection of other top-quality preamps.Still, there was greater resolution and clarity that I wanted tocapture in my recordings of acoustic instruments. I wanted to getbeyond ‘coloration’ and go straight to ‘stunning realism.’ WhenMillennia sent me the HV3, I was astounded. After the first pass, Iknow that I had found The Holy Grail. The Millennia Media HV-3 remainsmy first choice for acoustic recording.” Mann also used theMillennia HV-3 preamps for the EMU Orchestral Percussion ROM,Planet Earth ROM, Mo-Phatt, XL-7 and PX-7.

Millennia HV-3 preamps are also used extensively on major Foley andsound effects stages. Frank Serafine has released his personal filmsound collection on a set of 16 CDs, called the Serafine SFXCollection. Said Serafine, “Everything we’ve eversampled in the studio goes through our Millennia mic preamps. Thisincludes music recording, Foley, ADR and sound effects. Three words Iwould use to describe the HV-3 are quiet, pristine anddynamic.”

Grammy-winning engineer Dave Russell’s Big Fish sample library,Roots of the Pacific, captures high-dynamic range Polynesiandrumming via Millennia HV-3 preamplifiers. According to Russell,“The depth, air, placement and timbre precision, compared withother preamplifiers, especially when miking in stereo, is as close tosonic neutrality as it gets. Road-worthy and built to last, I’m lookingforward to another decade of HV-3.”

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