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SANKEN CS-1 SHORT SHOTGUNOctober 2003—The CS-1 Short Shotgun Microphone employs the same innovative technology as previous Sanken mics in a smaller, ultracompact

June 2007—Sanken’s ( WMS-5 delivers phase-coherent surround sound with five discrete outputs (L/ C/R/Ls/Rs) from one compact 9.25-inch/8.3-ounce body. The “M” capsule is used for both a shotgun-directivity Center and front Left/Right. The “S” signal is utilized for both front Left and Right and rear Left Surround, Right Surround. A rear “M” capsule is used for Left/Right Surround.

February 2007—Sanken’s ($2,295) CUW-180 handles both stereo and surround applications. Its two cardioid condenser microphones are oriented at 180 degrees and are independently adjustable with a 15-degree detent for X/Y configurations. The precise alignment of both capsules is said to maintain optimum on-axis response and phase coherence. The CUW-180 has a 5-pin XLR output.

November 2006—Sanken’s WMS-5 surround M/S mic has five outputs (L, C, R, Ls, Rs), with the matrix circuitry contained within its 8.3-ounce mic body.

Sanken’s CO-100K superwide-range omnidirectional mic is the world’s first 100kHz mic designed specifically for professional high-resolution recording. Applications include recording music with a wide dynamic range, especially acoustic instruments, and capturing a new world of detail in recording sound effects. Its compact size and unobtrusive appearance also makes it ideal for orchestral and other live recording environments.

July 2005—The tiny and versatile COS-22 from Sanken is a dual-capsule lavalier offering redundancy and boasting high-quality audio, but it could also be used for location recording applications. Its phantom-powered twin omni capsules measure just 1.25 inches in length, weigh only 20 grams (including the cable) and take up to 137dB SPL (1% THD). Channel 2 can be flipped in polarity, offering noise cancellation when both channels are summed.

November 2004—Sanken’s new double 180° cardioid condenser microphone is two cardioid condenser microphones joined in one body! Each of the two 180° capsules are independently adjustable, providing a versatile microphone for a variety of stereo and surround recording applications. Two CUW-180s are ideal for true 4-channel recording. Retail: $2,995.

September 2004——For those wanting to capture audio well above the audible spectrum, the new CO-100K omnidirectional condenser mic from Sanken ( boasts a frequency response from 20 Hz to 100 kHz. The fixed-omni mic can take more than 137 dB (1% THD) of SPL and outputs less than 22 dB of self-noise (A-weighted). Price: $1,895.

October 2003—The CS-1 Short Shotgun Microphone employs the same
innovative technology as previous Sanken mics in a smaller,
ultracompact housing. Sharp directivity delivers targeted sound while
eliminating background noise. Less than eight inches in length, the
CS-1 is ideal for mounting on video/film cameras, and with a weight of
only 3.5 ounces, it is also easy to maneuver on boom poles. Utilizing
Sanken’s original square-condenser capsule, the CS-1 has a flat
frequency response beyond 20 kHz and handles up to 137 dB.

June 2003—Sanken (dist. by Plus24, showed
cool new mics at NAB: The CS-01 short shotgun has a bargain $799 price;
the $1,850 CO-100K omni condenser has a true 100kHz bandwidth; and the
$2,650 CUW-180 is a stereo condenser with twin cardioid capsules
mounted on 180-degree swivels.

December 2002—The miniature CUB-01 cardioid boundary mic from
Sanken overcomes the limitations of previous boundary mic designs,
producing a rich, full-bodied sound. Thanks to its cardioid directional
characteristics, narration and dialog are clearly recorded while
unnecessary background noise is eliminated. The CUB-01’s small size
allows for discreet placement in film work using double-sided tape.

January 2002—At the fall 2001 AES, just over 1 inch in diameter,
the CUB-01 Universal Condenser Boundary Microphone from Sanken is ideal
for concealed miking in broadcast, film, theater, TV and sports,
emphasizing dialog while minimizing background noise.,/P>

October 2000—Sanken’s newest mic, the CMS-10, is the world’s
first camera-mount stereo shotgun mic. The CMS-10 is ideally suited to
today’s high-definition cameras because of its extraordinary
performance in matching the selected sound with the camera’s picture.
This is due to the CMS-10’s ability to maintain high directionality
even in a noisy situation or in an environment with pronounced