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Scott Fisher & 1 A.M. Approach


You can almost hear the rain trickling down the windowpane on a cold Sunday
morning in Portland, Ore., home base of next-generation singer/songwriter Scott Fisher. Backed by a strong studio/touring band (guitarist Bob Dunham, drummer Enrique “Bugs” Gonzalez and bassist Matthew Voth), Fisher’s latest full-length album (he released an EP in 2002 and has since self-produced three albums), Step Into the Future, finds the vocalist sitting comfortably behind the mic, infusing the album with his sweet, almost melancholic tones. Truly organic in nature, each song hints at social consciousness (“Step Into the Future,” “See the Day”) and ruined relationships (“Atmosphere,” “Shades of Blue”), providing a bittersweet, intoxicating cohesiveness to the album. Each song benefits from solid song structure, interesting drum lines, subtle keyboard touches and melodic guitar work. A strong release from a relative newbie.

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Producer: Fisher. Engineer: Rob Stroup. Mixer: Jesus “Chuy” Flores, Dave Way, Stroup, Steve Sundholm. Studios: The Waystation (L.A.), 8 Ball Studio (Portland), The Guest Room (L.A.). Mastering: Don Tyler/Precision Mastering (L.A.).