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Seara Gets Dangerous in the Studio

Canadian mix engineer George Seara has created a complete Dangerous Music-equipped studio.

Edmeston, NY (August 2, 2011)–Canadian mix engineer George Seara has created a complete Dangerous Music-equipped studio.

Seara’s studio features Dangerous 2-Bus analog summing, Monitor ST/SR stereo and surround monitor control, DAC ST for playback of digital sources, and the new Dangerous BAX EQ for tone shaping on featured tracks or the mix buss.

“Put it this way: before the Dangerous Music gear, it would mean I would be doing everything in a large studio,” states Seara. “It’s only with the advent of the Dangerous 2-Bus and the Monitor ST/SR that I’ve finally felt that the level and quality, plus the speed and efficiency with all things surrounding my workflow have come to a point where I can say confidently that I’ve raised the bar, and the quality of my work has improved.”

On the sound of the Dangerous 2-Bus analog summing amplifier, Seara says, “The biggest point is, it’s clean and natural, it has no noise, and yet super high-headroom: like a straight wire with gain. It allows me to mix confidently without having to deal with any gain-management issues, intermittent noises, hiss or any down time.”

Seara was the chief engineer at Phase One Studios over the past 10-plus years. He works in all genres of music; recent clients include Rihanna, Drake, Mos Def, 50 Cent, Sting, Herbie Hancock and Finger Eleven, among many others. At the 2010 Juno Awards, Seara was nominated for five awards and won for Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of The Year for mixing Greg Sczebel’s Love & The Lack Thereof.

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