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Sennheiser evolution wireless G2

Sennheiser's evolution wireless G2 Series is the second generation of its evolution wireless series that can be used for vocals, instruments, presentations, camera work or wireless monitoring.

Sennheiser’s evolution wireless G2 Series is the second generationof its evolution wireless series that can be used for vocals,instruments, presentations, camera work or wireless monitoring.

Due to a broader switching bandwidth (36 MHz), evolution wireless G2now makes 1,440 channels available to the user, offering moreflexibility and greater transmission reliability. The most strikingchanges have been made to the bodypack transmitters and mobilereceivers, which have been reduced in size by about 30 percent.Additional features include the Scan function that automaticallysearches for free channels and the new intuitive user menu and largebacklit displays. A pilot tone squelch ensures that the transmittermicrophone can be switched on and off without noise; the (adjustable)squelch can be deactivated to guarantee compatibility with the firstevolution wireless generation.

With the new reset function, the system can be reset to its initialsettings. The evolution wireless G2 also has a new battery concept: Thebody pack transmitters and mobile receivers are powered by two AA-sizecells to ensure a longer operating time and stable RF performance. Inaddition, a powerful rechargeable battery pack, the BA 2015, is nowavailable for the handheld transmitter, the bodypack transmitter, theplug-on transmitter and the mobile receiver. The matching chargerrecharges the batteries either directly or—for the 300 Series andabove—while they are still inside the bodypacktransmitter/receiver.

The heart of the evolution G2 Series is the True Diversity rackreceiver, which features a fresh and attractive design. The audiooutputs are designed as unbalanced 1/4-inch jack sockets and balancedXLR sockets. The receiver has eight fixed frequency banks that,depending on the system, provide up to 20 suggestions for freefrequencies, as well as a freely programmable user bank. Depending onthe series selected, the receiver automatically scans one or all banksfor free frequencies. Two-color back-lighting for the display (300Series and above) immediately shows the transmission status. A greenlight means that everything is in order and that the audio signal isavailable at the receiver output, while a red light indicates thatthere is a fault or that the transmission has been interrupted. Thereceivers of the 500 Series also have four equalizer presets, as wellas a Soundcheck mode and a separately adjustable headphone output.

The evolution wireless G2 includes five series. The evolutionwireless ew 100 G2 Series, which, with its 11 sets, covers all areas ofwireless audio transmission, from vocals and instruments topresentations and camera sound. Supplied complete with rack adapters,the seven sets in the ew 300 G2 Series offer enhanced RF and AFproperties for vocals, presentations and instruments. For the ew 500 G2Series, the user can choose from individual components that aresupplied complete with accessories. The ew 550 G2 Series at the top endof the evolution wireless range includes the EM 550 twin receiver,which can be combined with any transmitters from the 500 Series. The ew300 IEM G2 Series offers the artist a wireless monitoring system withan ultracompact receiver. The system is supplied complete with rackadapter and earphones. Additional receivers with earphones areavailable separately.

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