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Sennheiser Launches Redesigned Website

A whole new online experience now greets the 100,000-plus visitors who log on to the Sennheiser Electronic Corporation (SEC) Website each month,

A whole new online experience now greets the 100,000-plus visitorswho log on to the Sennheiser Electronic Corporation Website each month,including enhanced functionality, improved navigation and a colorful,eye-catching design.

The newly updated site ( incorporates the latest Webdesign and e-commerce technology, offering all visitors first-classnavigation, essential features to quickly gather information on theentire array of Sennheiser products and one-click access toSennheiser-distributed brands. New features include Zoom functions,information downloads, an online store and a more robust search enginetechnology. Key new functions include application-orientated navigationthat allows visitors to gather key information based on their uniqueaudio application needs; “Power Search” capability that enables sitesearches by partial words, product models, press releases, PDFs andeven hi-res images; an Instant Zoom function that provides apre-loaded, two-level, closeup view of many parts and products;improved media collection that addresses the increased need for productmedia and documents; a new database-driven information structure thatprovides quicker product access and modifications and advancedapplications such as product comparison and customization; and a newcorporate look and feel.

“The SEC Website has long been one of the audio industry’s mostpopular online destinations,” said Stefanie Reichert, VP of marketing,Sennheiser Electronic Corporation, “so we’re pleased to unveil an evenmore robust user experience with our new redesign. During out 2003Website survey, we asked users to tell us what would make the site moreuser-friendly. Incorporating this information, visitors now can findSennheiser products, brands, applications or information they needfaster and easier than ever. Plus, the inviting new look of the sitemakes it great for browsing, whether you’re an audio professionalcross-checking product specs or a music lover simply looking for a newset of headphones.”

The new Website is the brainchild of Matthias Ajple, manager ofe-commerce and Web development at SEC.