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Sennheiser SDC 8000 Digital Conference System

The modular, expandable and mobile Sennheiser SDC 8000 Digital Conference and Interpreter System

The modular, expandable and mobile Sennheiser SDC 8000 DigitalConference and Interpreter System (NSCA booth 2315) offers new featuresto the conference room, including seven new console configurations tomeet any application, from a small seminar to a large conference withup to 1,024 participants. All SDC 8000 conference consoles feature agooseneck microphone with LED ring, a microphone on/off key, ahigh-quality built-in loudspeaker that automatically mutes when themicrophone is engaged and a 3.5mm mono headphone output withindependent volume control.

Three configurations of chairman consoles are offered, including theSDC 8000 C, SDC 8000 CC and SDC 8000 CV. There are three configurationsof delegate consoles, including the SDC 8000 D, SDC 8000 DC and SDC8000 DV. Utilizing the SDC 8000 ID interpreter console, theinterpretation system is expandable up to 25 languages with eightinterpreters per language.

Three consoles—the SDC 8000 CV, SDC 8000 DV and the SDC 8000ID—all feature a chip card slot that allows users to identifythemselves to the console and feature a back-lit LCD (122×32 dots) thatgives a graphical representation of voting and interpretationfunctions. Text-messaging via PC is supported to delegate andinterpreter consoles, and new software modules provide customizable PCcontrol of microphone, delegate, voting and interpreter management.

The SDC 8000 analog output provides one conference channel and eightadditional interpreter channels and acts as a multichannel bridge toconnect external audio equipment, such as a Sennheiser infraredlanguage-distribution system.

The SDC 8000 central unit includes a built-in power supply. SDC 8000system cables, composed of RJ45 terminated CAT-5 cable, are availablein lengths of 2 meters, 3m, 5m, 10m, 20m and 50m.

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