Sennheiser, Shure Team Up For Counterfeit Raid

Sennheiser (Old Lyme, Conn.) and Shure Incorporated (Evanston, Ill.) announced today that they have joined together to take a stand against counterfeit

Sennheiser (Old Lyme, Conn.) and Shure Incorporated (Evanston, Ill.)announced today that they have joined together to take a stand againstcounterfeit microphones. On Wednesday, December 12, in Enping City,China, Shure and Sennheiser teamed with Chinese anti-counterfeitingofficials in the Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) tocomplete a raid on five counterfeit manufacturers in seven differentlocations. Over 10,000 pieces of Shure and Sennheiser products wereconfiscated, making it one of the largest raids to be executed in proaudio history.

"We asked Sennheiser to join us on this raid because we wanted toshow a united front to counterfeiters and consumers alike, indicatingthat the industry will not tolerate these activities," said SandyLaMantia, president and CEO of Shure Incorporated. "We embrace faircompetition, which inevitably pushes the industry forward, but werefuse to stand by idly as people attempt to deceive our consumers withinferior versions of our products bearing our name."

The December 12th raid uncovered large quantities of look-alikeShure SM58, BG Series and 14A models, as well as Sennheiser Evolution818 and 835 microphones. All goods were confiscated pending aninvestigation by China's AIC, but preliminary inspections revealed thatthe counterfeit goods had poor sound quality and severe handlingnoise.

"Product piracy is an immense problem that damages the reputation ofthe whole industry. Therefore, it is only logical to work together withour competitors in planning and implementing effective action against acommon opponent," said Rolf Meyer, president of marketing and sales atSennheiser. "We have an obligation to provide our customers with aquality standard, and will do all that we can to protect thatstandard."

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