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September 1, 2005

September 1, 2005


Hellacious Horns

Accessorize Your DAW

Foley Recording

Manage That Live Mix

10th Annual Mix L.A. Open

The 2005 TECnology Hall of Fame


Tools of the Trade

Field Test: Apple Soundtrack Pro Audio Editor/Recorder

Field Test: Waves L3 Multiband Peak Limiter, Maximizer

Field Test: ADAM P33A Studio Monitors

Field Test: Universal Audio 8110 Microphone Preamp

Field Test: Sennheiser Evolution 900 Series

Field Test: Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer

Power Tools: Digidesign ICON

Sound for Picture

Make Way for Family Guy

SmartSound Software

New Sound for Picture Products

Live Mix

All Access: Billy Corgan

Tegan and Sara

Audio Companies Show Support For Live 8


On the Road: Santana

Now Playing

Songs of Carmen Surround Audiences

Tour Profile: Beck

Tour Profile: Robert Plant

New Sound Reinforcement Products

Recording Notes

More of Les

John Hiatt in Memphis

Hot Club of San Francisco

Classic Tracks: The Angels’ “My Boyfriend’s Back”

Cool Spins

Coast to Coast

L.A. Grapevine

Nashville Skyline

New York Metro

Track Sheet

One Union Recording

Rock Grows in Weed

Nashville/NYC Dolls

Simpson Sighting

Platinum Ice

Insider Audio

More Than Mice

Project Studio

Craig Sharmat

Tech’s Files

When the Chips Are Down

From the Editor

The New Audio Pioneers


Letters to Mix

Current/Industry News

Shure Suffers Tragic Loss

Industry Event: Yamaha, Zenph Host a Masters ‘Concert’

Resume Building

Quad Studios Partially Sold

Ocean Way Gets Rented Out

On the Move: Jerry Gepner

TEC Awards Update

Where Electronic and Acoustic Merge

MPSE Announces 2005 Officers

Yamaha and Nexo Ally

Industry News

In Rememberance: Roy Segal, 1920-2005

In Rememberance: Kelly “Dred” Liebelt, 1977-2005

In Rememberance: Brian D. Ingoldsby, 1939-2005

In Rememberance: Donald J. Plunkett, 1924-2005


On the Cover

The Alfred Hitchcock Theatre at Universal Studios